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High-drug loaded pellets

Easy-to-swallow high-drug loaded pellet formulation

Inclusion of polyvinylalcohol as pelletization aid allows to produce high-drug loaded pellets (up to 90% w/w drug load)

The pellets dispersed into a food matrix allow for more flexible dosing, ideal for personalized therapies

Proof of concept

The potential of polyvinylalcohol as pelletization aid to allow production of high-drug loaded pellets was proven with different drug (combinations), including acetaminophen (70-90% drug load), ibuprofen (80% drug load), acetaminophen + tramadol hydrochloride (62.8% + 7.2% drug load) and metformin hydrochloride (70-90 % drug load).


We are seeking partners/collaborators who are interested to use the technology for product development/manufacturing.

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