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Delivery systems

Nanoparticle system for improved pulmonary delivery

An endogenous protein that strongly improves lung cell permeability for cytosolic delivery

SP-B is an endogenous protein that, as a key component in lung surfactant, strongly improves lung cell permeability for cytosolic delivery.

SP-B, combined with our nanoparticle technology, can be applied to deliver various cargo (such as proteins, drug molecules and siRNA) to pulmonary cells.

Proof of concept

SP-B’s functionality was integrated in a proteolipid nanoparticle by enveloping an siRNA loaded dextrane core with a specific composition of lipids and SP-B. The developed nanocomposites have a low in vivo toxicity and show a high uptake by alveolar macrophages.


We seek partnerships to explore SP-B technology for delivery of macromolecules in disease of interest or for benchmarking/validation studies for local pulmonary applications.

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