Superior Th1 polarizing adjuvant

Novel class of superior Th1 polarizing glycolipids valuable as vaccine adjuvant or adjuvant therapy in oncology

Potent alfa galactosyl ceramide analogues targeting invariant natural killer T-cells (iNKT) for selective boosting of cellular immunity.

Best-in-class when benchmarked to other Th1-skewing Galcer analogues (IL-12/IFNg/IL-4 profiles). Less IL-4 production compared to aGalCer. No acute toxicity. Druggable profile and optimized for easy synthesis.

Proof of concept

Enhanced primary and boosted CD8+ Tcell responses in immunised mice.


We are actively seeking partners to develop or co-develop the Ghent University GalCer molecules to applications in the vaccine and/or oncology field.