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From discovery and basic research over applied research to product development

The top-notch research performed by our scientists is renowned worldwide and constitutes the basis of our innovation program. With the support of Ghent University’s Industrial Research Fund we can mature technologies from basic concept to a TRL (Technology Readiness Level) that is attractive for further development in partnership with industry.

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Discovery/basic research


The top-notch research performed by our scientists is the basis of all our innovations.

Concept for possible industrial application

Evaluating and testing how the discovery can lead to new applications

Step 01: Research
Step 02: New Applications
Technical proof of concept

Testing the concept both in vitro and in vivo (mostly directly in the target species)

Step 03: Testing
Intellectual property and patent application

Prior-art analysis and patent application based on the result of the technical proof of concept

Step 04: Patenting
Technology Offer

Present a non-confidential Technology Offer to industry (licensing) or investors (spin-off)

Step 05: Tech offer
Industrial proof of concept

Discuss first proof-of-concept data with industry/investors and identify gaps that can be filled with another proof-of-concept study

Step 06: Proof of concept
Final valorisation

Partnership with industry and/or incorporation of a spin-off

Step 07: Valorisation
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