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EU Partnership Animal Health and Welfare

The European Partnership Animal Health & Welfare (EUP AH&W) intends to be a Research and Innovation Partnership set up in the context of Horizon Europe. Its general goals are to progress Europe towards healthy and sustainable livestock production systems (for both terrestrial and aquatic animals), including the reduction of anti-microbial usage, and to greatly improve production animal welfare, in line with the European Green Deal and farm-to-fork strategy. Furthermore, the EUP AH&W will enhance public health and well-being by facilitating cross-sector collaboration in a One Health – One Welfare perspective.


This strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) presents the long-term vision of the EUP AH&W and addresses the strategic objectives that will guide the activities of the partnership. The SRIA has been composed in close collaboration with representatives of the SCAR Collaborative Working Group AHW, the ERA-NET ICRAD and DG-AGRI, and in consultation with experts and academics with relevant backgrounds in animal health and animal welfare. 


This SRIA was open for public consultation until 17 February 2023. Download the EUP SRIA and Addendum here.

On 15 February 2023 we organised an online webinar where we provided further information on the European Partnership on Animal Health and Welfare and answered your questions. 

The recorded meeting can be consulted here below. Or you can view the accompanying slides.

Meetings with candidate beneficiaries

20 February 2023


View the slides of the parallel meetings with Funding Organizations and Authorities and with Research Performing Organizations.


The recordings of both meetings can be found here below.


All Q&A are grouped in one document.

You can also consult the Q&A file from other partnerships.

FO and Authorities                                                                            RPO

23 February 2023

View the slides of the second RPO meeting. The recording can be found here below.


28 February 2023

View the slides of the second FO&AUTH meeting. The recording can be found here below.



15 March 2023

View the slides of the FO and Authorities meeting. The recording can be found here below.



Working Groups Chairs for EUP AH& W 

The Chairs of the WGs can be viewed here.

Budget and Administrative Meeting for Beneficiaries










Go to the official EUP AH& W website:

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