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🎤 Participation IVIS congres 🎤

6 Nov 2023

Join our provaxs members Prof. Dr. Eric Cox and Prof. Dr. Bert Devriendt at the 13th International Veterinary Immunology Symposium in South Africa!

On 20th November Prof. Devriendt will give a presentation on “Aminopeptidase N-mediated transport across the small intestinal epithelium drives gut immunity to oral vaccine antigens in pigs” and on “Transcriptional profiling of blood and liver Natural Killer cells reveals the presence of a novel liver Natural Killer cell subset in swine.”

Prof. Cox will be giving a poster presentation on “Human whole-cell / B-subunit oral cholera vaccines Duochol and Dukoral induce antibody responses in a porcine model.”

The IVIS event will take place from 17thtill 21st November, 2023.

View the programme in the pdf here below.

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