🎬 🐋 Episode entitled Animals make you think: Link between whales and windmills

30 May 2022

Narrated by Laetitia Cicchelero, provaxs member and Cross-Health Platform coordinator at Ghent University

At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at UGent, we not only help animals, animals help us! By studying animals and their behavior, we discover applications you might not immediately think of.

Laetitia Cicchelero, Cross-Health Platform coordinator, knows all about this and takes you into the world where animals make you think! In our first episode, Laetitia talks about (the connection between) whales and windmills.

Want to learn more on this topic? Visit: https://asknature.org/strategy/flippers-provide-lift-reduce-drag/

This is general info, not research that originated at UGent.

Watch this episode on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7mqG21esvs