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📄 Recent paper in Vaccines journal

8 Nov 2022

Exploring Prime-Boost Vaccination Regimens with Different H1N1 Swine Influenza A Virus Strains and Vaccine Platforms 💉🦠

Previous swine influenza vaccination studies from the research group of Prof. Van Reeth demonstrated that prime-boost vaccination with antigenically distinct swine influenza inactivated vaccines can broaden the immune response and improve protection. In this study we aimed to further improve this heterologous prime-boost vaccination strategy by using a live viral pseudorabies vector vaccine as a priming vaccine, to stimulate

both local and systemic immune responses. We illustrated that intranasal vector vaccination followed by a heterologous inactivated vaccination results in a broader immune response and protection than two doses of matched inactivated vaccine.

Read the whole article in the attached pdf.

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