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Collaboration with ILVO and Inagro

30 Jan 2023

Nice example of how our Laboratory of Parasitology @Ghent University has a positive impact on society!

Proud to announce that the project entitled "Implement and validate a non-invasive decision support tool for sustainable worm control in young cattle (Wormtool)" has been approved by VLAIO for funding!

Budget: € 727.527

Period: May 1st 2023 – April 30th 2027

Through our collaboration with ILVO and Inagro we promote the sustainable use of anthelmintics, in order to slow down the development and dispersion of anthelmintic resistance and to reduce environmental contamination with anthelmintic residues.

To enable a more rational use of anthelmintics, we develop decision support tools and determine diagnostics thresholds for (subclinical) parasite infections that impact animal productivity. Using these diagnostic thresholds and decision support tools, we aim to replace indiscriminate preventive use of anthelmintics by targeted treatment (on herd level) or targeted selective treatment (individual animals).

Envolved provaxs member: Prof. Dr. Edwin Claerebout!

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