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Immunology paper 📄

28 Sept 2022

Immortalised canine buccal epithelial cells’ CXCL8 secretion is affected by allergen extracts, Toll-like receptor ligands, IL-17A and calcitriol

Epithelial cells are known to produce mediators which can influence the behaviour of neighbouring immune cells. Although the oral mucosa has gained increased interest as a route to induce allergy desensitisation and mucosal pathogen immunisation in dogs, there is only limited knowledge on the factors which impact mediator secretion by canine oral epithelial cells. The study’s objective was to enlarge the knowledge on the stimuli that can influence the secretion of some pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines and the chemokine CXCL8 by canine buccal epithelial cells.

This study showed that certain allergens, TLRL, IL-17A and calcitriol modulate CXCL8 secretion in a cell line of canine buccal epithelial cells.

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