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Paper: observational study to increase biosecurity on pig farms!๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ“š

9 May 2023

Optimizing internal biosecurity on pig farms by assessing movements of farm staff

For internal biosecurity, it is important to separate different age groups in a pig farm and to stick to specific working lines when visiting the barns. Currently, there is no research on the movements of farm staff on pig farms. The objectives of this observational study were to assess movements of farm staff on pig farms, to assess risky movements and to investigate whether movements differ according to time (week of the batch farrowing system (BFS) and weekday vs. weekend) and unit (farrowing, gestation/insemination, nursery, and fattening unit).

๐Ÿง Curious about the conclusion? Read the whole article here below!

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