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Workshop @ Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Innovation Europe 2023

24 Jan 2023

đŸŽ€ Join us in London for our workshop on: Technology transfer between academia and industry: can regulators be the oil in the engine? đŸŽ€

Will you be at Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Innovation Europe?

Then we invite you to attend our workshop on 6 March at 11am!

During this workshop we will have short presentations and stimulating discussions between the participants on:

  • At what stage/TRL do researchers and innovators need to think about a regulatory strategy

  • The sooner regulators are informed about upcoming breakthrough technologies the sooner new regulatory challenges can be identified and anticipated

  • How can regulators facilitate innovation: National Innovation Offices and the Innovation Task      Force

  • What is the role of academic innovators, regulators, regulatory consultants and industry      during the technology transfer process from discovery to development and MAA

In a highly interactive roleplay participants will learn about the position and responsibility of each of the actors in this fascinating interplay.

Start with short presentations and discussion:

  • From discovery to innovation and the regulatory jungle (Robert Vrancken, Virovet)

  • Tailor made support from National Innovation Offices/the Innovation Task Force and the      regulatory science research needs (Falk Ehmann, EMA)

  • Viewpoint from industry (biotech and pharma) (Catrina Stirling, Zoetis)

  • Innovators, regulators and industry in public-private-partnerships (Sven Arnouts, UGent and EU      Partnership Animal Health and Welfare)

During the second half we will focus on a case study in a roleplay.

We hope to see you there!

Want to learn more about the overall event? Visit the website via the following link:

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