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Data and AI

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Data mining and machine learning (ML) techniques for data processing of images, video, sensor

  • Anomaly detection to detect abnormal sensor values (also applicable for predictive maintenance of sensors)

  • Automated animal/activity classification in images or videos.

  • Platform design for scalable and secured data mining applications.

Internet of things and wireless networking

  • Selection of the most appropriate wireless technology and communications/data standards.

  • Adaptation of wireless networking technologies to work optimally when only occasional data connections are available.

  • Indoor localization/tracking.

  • Trade-off analysis between accuracy vs energy consumption for on-chip vs cloud processing.

Semantic intelligence

High-speed circuit design for optical and wireless communications and electromagnetics systems analysis

  • Reduction of the ML complexity to execute the models on embedded devices.

Mathematical and computational modelling

  • Epidemiology of viral outbreaks

  • Design of ML models for animal activity classification (e.g. running)

  • Design of ML models for anomaly detection (e.g. foaling)

  • Transfer learning to apply existing ML models to other (types of) animals.


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