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Health monitoring and improvement

Conceptual design

  • User-centered and adapted design

Modelling and simulation

Material selection:

  • biomaterials

  • smart materials

  • functional materials

Manufacturing (micro- and meso-scale prototyping):

  • General textile processes and techniques

  • 3D printing

  • Fully-fashioned knitting

  • Digital printing


Smart textiles

  • sensors (dry electrodes, heat flux, temperature, humidity,…)

  • actuator nodes (thermal (heating, cooling), electrostimulation, bio-stimulation, moisture management)

  • data processing nodes

  • wireless communication nodes (bluetooth, inductive)

  • powering nodes

  • stretchable interconnections or conductive yarns as way to interconnect them

  • materials and textile structures

Comfort and fit:

  • 3D anthropometrics for improved fit and comfort

  • Tactile

  • Thermo-physiological

  • Movement

  • Mental comfort (well-being)


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