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Gunther van Loon


+32 9 264 75 81

Gunther van Loon

Equine Cardioteam Ghent University

The Equine Cardioteam of Ghent University is led by Prof. Gunther van Loon and consists of a highly motivated team of researchers and clinicians operating from within the Equine Clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The team performs cardiovascular research at a high level, mainly in horses, and performs diagnosis and treatment of routine and complex cardiac and vascular diseases in horses, but also in cattle, swine and new camelids. The lab has all state-of-the-art equipment available such as 12-lead and 32-lead ECG recorders, 2D and 4D ultrasound (Vivid E95), intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) (Vivid IQ), pressure monitors, an electrophysiology lab, equipment for 3D electro-anatomical mapping (CARTO 3, Biosense Webster), pacemaker related equipment,… The lab has developed many complex cardiac procedures in large animals and has extensive expertise in cardiac ultrasound, temporary pacing, pacemaker implantation, electrocardiography, electrophysiological study, catheterization, cardiac biopsy, occluder implantation, arrhythmia therapy, 3D electro-anatomical mapping, cardiac ablation of arrhythmias, vascular ultrasound, percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, etc. and uses 3D-printing and artificial intelligence in ongoing studies. Main research topics are situated in the area of atrial fibrillation (substrate, triggers, pathophysiology, improved diagnosis and treatment using drugs and ablation), cardiac imaging techniques (transthoracic ultrasound, ICE, in-vitro models) and vascular research.

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