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Nathalie Brutsaert

IP adviser

+32 9 264 99 98

Nathalie Brutsaert

Intellectual property facilitates technology transfer from our university and promotes market success for our collaborative and licensing partners.

 In my function as IP adviser at the TechTransfer Office of Ghent University, I am looking forward to assist the Provaxs team and your organization in developing and implementing an appropriate IP strategy. After obtaining a Master of Science in Biology at the University of Ghent I worked for more than 10 years as a patent counsel at a biotechnology company specialized in human diagnostics. In close relation with several research and development groups, I was involved in several aspects of the patenting process covering areas such as infectious diseases, genetic testing, tissue typing, oncology and neurodegeneration. In my current position as an IP adviser I am involved in different innovation-oriented projects and valorization initiatives, including giving advice on IP related matters, drafting and prosecution patents, and performing patentability and freedom to operate analyses. The Provaxs initiatives bring together my industrial background with my expertise in Biology and IP strategy development.   

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