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Peter Geldhof


+32 9 264 74 00

Peter Geldhof

Laboratory for Parasitology

Our research focuses on developing and testing practical, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for control of parasitic diseases in livestock and humans. The Laboratory for Parasitology has extensive expertise in the area of parasitic infections in both the veterinary and medical field with a particular focus on (1) the evaluation of anti-parasitic compounds, (2) development and evaluation of diagnostics and (3) vaccine development. An array of infection models is available for mice, cattle, poultry and pigs, including nematode, protozoan and mite infections. In addition, we have long standing collaborations with research institutions in the Global South and health policy makers (e.g. we coordinate a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre and we collaborate in the development of anthelmintic efficacy guidelines for the World Association for Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology). We also offer a commercial diagnostic service for companion animals, horses and livestock (

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