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A chimeric endolysin to control streptococcal bovine mastitis

A novel endolysin that lyses steptococci, even intra mammary epithelial cells and in biofilms

The endolysin is a chimeric fusion protein with lytic properties consisting of a selected combination of enzymatically active domains (so called EADs), which define the enzyme’s cleavage sites, and a cell wall-binding domain (so called CBD), which confers its bacterial specificity

The endolysin can kill streptococci both intracellular in the mammary epithelial cells and in biofilms. It can thus counteract two important virulence factors that otherwise allow these pathogens to circumvent therapy with traditional antibiotics leading to an infection that chronically persists and reoccurs after treatment.

Proof of concept in raw milk

Lytic and killing activity demonstrated against 10 S. uberis, 3 S. agalactiae & 3 S. dysgalactiae strains. Moreover, the endolysin potentiates the antibiotic cloxacillin in raw mastitic milk and kills S. uberis significantly faster in vitro than the antibiotic alone, independent from milk composition.


We are reaching out to partners who are interested in development and marketing of our novel engineered endolysin NC5.

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