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Delivery systems


Peptide-based hydrogels for controlled drug-delivery

Material based on short, tunable amphipathic hexapeptide sequences that form hydrogels upon addition of aqueous media

The technology can be used as a generic controlled drug delivery formulation for the treatment of various chronic diseases, suited for the extended release of small molecule drugs and biologicals of medium- to high molecular weight drugs. Additionally, it can be used in other areas like tissue engineering, where soft matters are highly valuable.

Proof of concept

The BioGelator technology was first developed for pain therapy, and other biomedical and therapeutic applications are currently under investigation. The in vivo efficacy of BioGelator formulations was demonstrated via monitoring of opioid-induced antinociceptive effects in mice using the tail-flick test.


We are seeking partners/collaborators that are interested to further develop our technology in the current application towards clinical trials. We are also interested in partnerships willing to investigate the potential of the BioGelator in your application.

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