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Comfortable, wearable low-level light therapy platform

Stretchable Molded Interconnect (SMI) technology in flexible textile patch for light therapy (pain and inflammation)

A stretchable textile with flexible and stretchable electronics that can conform to the body curvatures of the animal.

Reliable: efficiency is maintained under cyclic, tensile stretching deformation (can be repeatedly stretched without losing electrical performance) Comfortable: irradiance levels are within skin thermal comfort (heat-conducting layer incorporated), device is very flexible Breathable: the device is comparable with highly breathable textiles Production: can be made with standard PCB processes, as such cost-effective and high-volume production routes are available

Prototype of a wearable device for light treatment

The developed prototype allows for up to 15 min exposure with high energy visible wavelengths of 450nm, with average irradiance of 12.8 mW/cm2 (120 mW/cm2 peak irradiances) over an area of 158 cm2 in DC driving mode without exceeding skin thermal safety of 42°C. Implementations using infra-red LEDs, or a mixture of both are equally possible, depending on the desired treatment.


We seek partnerships to explore wearable light therapy technology for indications of interest. We are open to partnering for further (pre)clinical research and/or identification of biostimulation protocols.

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