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Delivery systems

Entry portal through the intestinal barrier

Antibody-based targeting to APN for controlled transfer of biologicals through the intestinal (mucosal) barrier.

Controlled transfer of biological compounds through the intestinal (mucosal) barrier via targeting of the compound to a defined receptor (APN) on the epithelium.

Via selective transcytosis through the intestinal barrier various functions at the level of the intestinal epithelium and beyond can be modulated: i) antigens can be efficiently presented to the gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) leading to a protective mucosal immune response and ii) drugs or drug-containing (nano-)particles can be transferred and delivered across the intestinal barrier.

Proof of concept for oral vaccination in the pig

Oral immunization of pigs with rabbit anti-APN antibodies leads to higher antibody responses when compared to immunization with a control rabbit antibody.


We seek partners for licensing specific applications of our targeting technology and investors for a new start-up on the targeting technology platform.

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