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Safe, effective and oral antiparasitics against protozoal infections

A purine nucleoside platform with the ability to act as antiprotozoal agents

The purine nucleoside platform is based on known and novel sugar- and purine ring scaffolds.

The nucleoside platform contains lead molecules for different indications. Proof of concept data at different stages (in vitro to in vivo) are available for various indications: Leishmania, Chagas, Nagana disease, Dourine, Surra, Blackhead, Cryptosporidium, and Toxoplasma species.

Proof of concept in various mouse models

As an example, we found 3’-deoxytubercidin analogues to be highly potent trypanocides against T. brucei spp. One analogue served as proof-of-concept in relevant mouse model of T. brucei infection. This derivative, 3’-deoxytubercidin, displays curative activity in both acute and CNS-stage infection in mice, highlighting that it is able to cross the blood-brain-barrier, likely a class effect.


We seek development and marketing partners interested in developing nucleoside analogues as anti-parasitic against protozoal infections.

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