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Your partner in putting science and innovation in animal health
into practice.

We can become your preferred academic partner to support your innovation-projects

in animal health.

We combine scientific expertise, knowledge and know-how on animal health with an entrepreneurial organisation of scientists and experienced tech-transfer professionals.

Not only that, but thanks to the Industrial Research Fund of Ghent University we have access to proof-of-concept funding, open for collaboration with industry.

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Ghent University offers a unique proposal: the collaboration between veterinarians, physicians and scientists from different disciplines present at Ghent University takes the research to a higher level and creates many opportunities for innovation. At our Faculty of Veterinary Medicine these innovations can be tested in our own facilities and on the target species.


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team of experts.


Latest News & updates

Upcoming public defence! 🎤

Significance of gastric non-Helicobacter pylori Helicobacter infections for human and animal health

Upcoming public defence! 🎤

Prevalence, Genetic Variation, and Cross-Species Transmission of small ruminant lentiviruses in Belgium: A study to Enhance Diagnostic Strategies and Support the voluntary control program.

Upcoming public defence! 🎤

Biosecurity… the path to raising pigs without antibiotics?

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