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High-drug loaded pellets

Inclusion of polyvinylalcohol as pelletization aid allows to produce high-drug loaded pellets (up to 90% w/w drug load)


Material based on short, tunable amphipathic hexapeptide sequences that form hydrogels upon addition of aqueous media


A serodiagnostic test by which exposure of animals to Ascaris suum during the fattening period can be measured.

Nanoparticle system for improved pulmonary delivery

SP-B is an endogenous protein that, as a key component in lung surfactant, strongly improves lung cell permeability for cytosolic delivery.

Entry portal through the intestinal barrier

Controlled transfer of biological compounds through the intestinal (mucosal) barrier via targeting of the compound to a defined receptor (APN) on the epithelium.

Comfortable, wearable low-level light therapy platform

A stretchable textile with flexible and stretchable electronics that can conform to the body curvatures of the animal.

Safe, effective and oral antiparasitics against protozoal infections

The purine nucleoside platform is based on known and novel sugar- and purine ring scaffolds.

Safe and effective vaccine against Clostridium perfringens in poultry

The vaccine consists of a combination of recombinant NetB and alpha-toxin, both detoxified.

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